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Sponsor a Team Build






In this program participants will get the opportunity to learn about building bikes which will then be donated to a charity of your choosing. This program plans to bring people together and help increase teamwork and leadership skills in a fun and interactive way, at the same time give deserving youth the chance to enjoy the fun of cycling with a new bike. This program is entirely not for profit and will combine a fundraiser with a charitable donation. The funds will go back into WheelLab to allow for the continuation of programs helping at risk teens and youth. Not only will you increase your teamwork and leadership skills, you will also have the satisfaction of knowing you helped create an impact in a youths’ life.

The program is planned to run for approximately two hours. You and your group will get to build a bike and complete other fun tasks or activities. To build the bike, participants have to engage in a range of exciting activities to earn individual parts they can add to their bike, keeping a fun and friendly atmosphere and emphasizing teamwork. After the program has ended the bikes will be donated to a charity of your choosing and a deserving youth will get the opportunity to receive a new bike, an opportunity we believe all youth should have.

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