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Pedaling Power


WheelLab is a Washington 501c3 located in Bellevue, Wa.  WheelLab seeks to be a youth program that enhances existing after school and summer programs. WheelLab is offering a new kind of opportunity for youth to develop their mechanical and social skills through bike builds, camaraderie, and leadership skill development.  With a majority of the school day focused on subjects like math and literacy, there is little time left for hands on experiences with prototyping, engineering and activities that build fine motor skills.  We combine these activities with safe riding habits and skill development to make sure we have safe riders on the road and trail.  


Mission Statement: To inspire youth to think creatively and develop skills utilizing hands on 

experience in a positive, safe, accessible environment, that will increase their productivity in 

their community as safe conscientious riders. 



1. Offer a mobile bike program to reach youth in communities with limited accessibility to programming

2. Teach youth safe riding skills and techniques

3. Give youth a voice

              -empowering youth by teaching leadership skills and qualities

4. Drive Equity

               -provide experiences for all youth through riding, events and adventures

5. Support and educate youth about Safe Riding, Safe Routes to School and Rail to Trail Biking Opportunities


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